South America - 2008 / 2009


I was working in the investment bank RBS at the Credit Derivatives desk when I saw the Financial Crisis looming on the horizon in 2007. The crisis was due to repackaging of low mortgages as high quality investments and I was working in the very epicenter of where these instruments were traded. It was obvious that the markets would go down hard so what better to do than packing the bags and setting off into the sunset on your bike. This time I bought the bike upfront in London to be a bit more familiar with the vehicle so that I could service it myself on the road, in the desert and in the jungles of South America. 

Episode 0 - Test ride before heading off

Episode 1 - From Londoner to nomad

Episode 2 - East to west

Episode 3 - Ruta 40

Episode 4 - The end of the world

Episode 5 - Che and the Cordoba dollhouse

Episode 6 - Wine and the art of motorcycle maintenance

Episode 7 - Altitude sickness strikes

Episode 8 - Peru

Episode 9 - Bolivia

Episode 10 - Paraguay and the mental aspects

Episode 11 - Brazil

Episode 12 - Breakdown in Santa Luzia

Episode 13 - Fixing my engine

Episode 14 - Breaking bones in Amazonas

Episode 15 - Back on the road

Episode 16 - Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica

Episode 17 - Mission completed


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