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The Silk Road - 2023

  The Silk Road is such a classical route that it has to be ridden, especially after a first stint of about six years in Asia. If you want to follow along on the road then check out the  Facebook or Instagram feeds. The bike is currently being built in the garage in Hong Kong as below. More details about the bike can be found on the bike building blog . Claire testing it out: With luggage on: Nav tower:

SE Asia - 2017 / 2018 / 2019

  Living in Hong Kong makes South East Asia very accessible for short trips. So far I managed to ride a bit in China, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and a number of trips to Cambodia with my former boss and CTO Tony at the Hong Kong based hedge fund BFAM Partners. Sumatra, Indonesia Thailand Cambodia Yunnan, China

Europe - 2016

  In 2016 my cousin Maria was getting married over in Finland. At the time I was living in London so the natural route over to Finland would go via central Europe. My good friend Lars from Holland, whom I met in Costa Rica in 2009, was very quick to join on the trip. In addition my friend Max from the Swedish military Arctic Rangers brought his friend Daniel and joined us in Poland. A great group of like minded people to go riding with!!

'Murica - 2015

  In 2015 my good friends Claire and Rod got married up in Crystal Lake Michigan just a few weeks before the hacker conference Def Con was due over in Las Vegas. Sounded like the perfect opportunity to join them up with a ride on a Harley Davidson between the two venues. A few mandatory stops on the way included my old university, Iowa State, the big motorcycle meetup Sturgis and a visit to the awesome dirt biking nature of Utah.

South America - 2008 / 2009

  I was working in the investment bank RBS at the Credit Derivatives desk when I saw the Financial Crisis looming on the horizon in 2007. The crisis was due to repackaging of low mortgages as high quality investments and I was working in the very epicenter of where these instruments were traded. It was obvious that the markets would go down hard so what better to do than packing the bags and setting off into the sunset on your bike. This time I bought the bike upfront in London to be a bit more familiar with the vehicle so that I could service it myself on the road, in the desert and in the jungles of South America.  Episode 0 - Test ride before heading off Episode 1 - From Londoner to nomad Episode 2 - East to west Episode 3 - Ruta 40 Episode 4 - The end of the world Episode 5 - Che and the Cordoba dollhouse Episode 6 - Wine and the art of motorcycle maintenance Episode 7 - Altitude sickness strikes Episode 8 - Peru Episode 9 - Bolivia Episode 10 - Paraguay and the mental aspects Epis

The Golden Triangle - 2005

  The first bike trip. Did a one day CBT course in London, rented a 125cc for a month and then two days course on a 500cc finishing with a test. Once the license arrived I flew out to Bangkok and bought a Honda 250 XR to learn to ride for real. The plan was to learn to ride on the easy roads of Thailand, tougher mountain roads in Laos and finally off-road in Cambodia. Two months and a very fun introduction to adventure motorcycling!!